Baseball Pitching Drills

Baseball Pitching Drills

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Looking to develop better mechanics? This 76-page guide features 47 new drills and techniques to help you build a more powerful and dynamic pitching delivery.

Learn how to fix the most common flaws and inefficiencies in the throwing motion—and watch your velocity and control improve dramatically.



Pitching Drills: “Long Toss Drill” To Help Build Arm Strength


Purpose of Drill:

  1. To stretch the throwing muscles of the arm, shoulder and back
  2. To strengthen and increase the stamina of the arm and shoulder muscles
  3. To develop better hand and arm speed which will increase velocity


  1. Jog, stretch and throw short distances easy to loosen up.
  2. Start throwing at 60 feet, continue to back away from target after 4-5 throws at 75, 90, 100 125, to 150 feet.
  3. When not pitching in a game, perform this drill every other day moving back to 250-300 feet.
  4. Normal time: 10-12 minutes; 15-20 long throws


  1. Get into a stance as you would to catch a fly ball.
  2. Use an outfielder’s crow hop to gain body momentum and throw with an overhand or 3/4 overhand motion
  3. Use proper lead arm action – throw the glove out at the target and whip it down and back outside the lead hip
  4. Get full extension of the arm
  5. Flex at the waist during the release and follow through
  6. Finish with a long arc of deceleration of the throwing arm. Hand should end up low outside the lead leg
  7. When at the max distance, continue to throw on a line using the natural release point
  8. Follow the throw with your body. Transfer the arm and shoulder forces onto your legs and body
  9. Repetitions – make 15-20 throws at full distance, 5-6 at 75% effort, 5-6 at 90%, 5-6 at 100% effort.
  10. Cool down by tossing easy at 40-50 feet.

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