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An instructional blog for pitchers and pitching coaches from two-time MLB Draft pick and former Chicago Cubs pitching pro Steven Ellis.

13 Surprising Causes Of Poor Pitching Control

Understanding the red flags in a pitcher’s mechanics can mean the difference between improving control or ending up with an injury. Here are 13 possible causes of poor control that you may not have considered.

3 Reasons Why Starting Pitchers Absolutely MUST Win The First Inning

I’ve always felt the first inning is the most important inning for a pitcher because of the way it sets the tone for the rest of the game. Here are three reasons why starting pitchers absolutely must win those first three outs.

8 Essential Elements Of A Successful Pre-Game Routine For Pitchers

Many game day routines for pitchers mix elements of superstition with wisdom. Here are eight pre-game strategies for warming up to pitch that can have a HUGE impact on the outcome of your performance.

When Training Baseball Pitchers, ALWAYS Remember This Important Fact

Studies suggest pitchers generally can’t focus on more than ONE mechanical thing at a time. Here are four simple coaching techniques to help pitchers make adjustments to their pitching mechanics.

Here Are Two Things I Usually Try To Avoid When Coaching College Or High School Pitchers

When I work with pitchers in a practice setting or on the side, there are generally two things I try to never let happen during the session.

11 Unwritten Rules Most Baseball Pitchers Don’t Learn Soon Enough—If Ever At All

Here’s some outstanding advice to young pitchers from a former high school coach that can be applied to baseball and life.

4 Mechanical Traits Nearly ALL Elite Baseball Pitchers Have In Common

Sure, every pitcher is different. But most big league pitchers share these common traits in their pitching delivery.

8 Ways To Prevent Pitching Arm Injuries Every Parent And Coach Should Know

Preventing pitching arm injuries is so important. Here are 8 ways to prevent pitching arm injuries to point you and your son in the direction of success.

12 Best Rotator Cuff Exercises For Baseball Pitchers

These rotator cuff exercises for pitchers will not only help to increase throwing velocity and develop arm stamina, but will help to prevent throwing arm injuries.

9 Simple Yet Effective Techniques To Help Pitchers Control Base Runners

On average, a pitcher will make about 40% of his pitches in games from the set position with runners on base. That’s why it’s good to know some of the following basic techniques to develop which will help you be a more effective at controlling base runners.