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An instructional blog for pitchers and pitching coaches. Former pro Steven Ellis shares his favorite pitching success secrets to boost performance and pitch better using Big League methods.

3 Reasons Why Starting Pitchers Absolutely MUST Win The First Inning

For a starting pitcher, the first inning is time to get to business. To set the tone. Here's why those first three outs of a game are so damn important.

8 Essential Elements Of A Successful Pre-Game Routine For Pitchers

Does your son have a special pre-game routine on game day? Former pro Steven Ellis shares 8 essential elements every pitcher should include in his pre-game routine.

When Training Baseball Pitchers, ALWAYS Remember This Important Fact

One of the most important methods I have learned in training pitchers is to keep things as simple and focused as possible. And it really doesn’t matter whether I’m working with a college pitcher or a Little Leaguer. I’ve found the same to be true across the board when working with any pitcher. I remember

Here Are Two Things I Usually Try To Avoid When Coaching College Or High School Pitchers

Since retiring from pro baseball, I’ve had the opportunity to coach a number of college and high school pitchers over the years. When I work with pitchers in a practice setting or on the side, there are generally two things I try to never let happen: I never allow pitchers to reach fatigue. I never allow pitchers

11 Unwritten Rules Most Baseball Pitchers Don’t Learn Soon Enough—If Ever At All

You can spend your time watching other people live out their dreams. Or you can spend that time working towards a goal of living out yours. Check out these and other unwritten rules for pitchers.

4 Mechanical Traits Nearly ALL Elite Baseball Pitchers Have In Common

If you’ve been reading my blog and following my pitching instruction for some time, you know I have previously stated that not all pitchers should or do pitch exactly the same way. But after studying many professional and college pitchers over the years, I have discovered that through the critical phase of pitching—i.e. from the

8 Ways To Prevent Pitching Arm Injuries Every Parent And Coach Should Know

Former pro pitcher Steven Ellis shares 8 ways to prevent pitching arm injuries this season. Find out what they are.

12 Best Rotator Cuff Exercises For Baseball Pitchers

Using a tennis can filled with sand or a 5-pound weight, perform 10 repetitions of each exercise every other day to maintain flexibility, a full range of motion, and to strengthen the throwing muscles. These rotator cuff exercises will not only help to increase throwing velocity and develop arm stamina, but will help to prevent throwing

9 Simple Yet Effective Techniques To Help Pitchers Control Base Runners

On average, a pitcher will make about 40% of his pitches in games from the set position with runners on base. That’s why it’s good to know some of the following basic techniques to develop which will help you be a more effective at controlling base runners. Recognize the steal situation, anticipate it. Develop the slide step

7 Situations In Which Pitchers Should ALWAYS Challenge Base Runners Before Making A Pitch

When pitching from the set position with runners on base, it’s important to know exactly when to concentrate on the hitter, or on the runner. Of course, we all know a pitcher can not be effective unless he is really concentrating on getting the batter out. That is the pitcher’s primary job, and there will